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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tokyo Must See Xmas Lighting Show

Started my YouTube Channel, VACATIONSCOOBY !

Hope you guys like my video~ Stay tune for more videos update!

Tokyo 2015 Christmas lightnings.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Seoul Adventure Part 1 (22 Aug - 30 Aug)

Part 1 of Seoul Adventure~ 

Exploring Seoul In Summer!
Itinerary for Couples, 9 days 8 nights in Seoul! 

Day 1 (22 Aug 2014)

Our first 2 day one night at Seoul, we stayed at Gom Hostel. It's located at Dongdaemum, location is not friendly for first timer to Seoul. 
The room is also very small so not suitable for tourist with big luggages. But it does have a huge bathroom with necessary amenities. 
However I feel that the room is quite dirty as the bed sheet is not change, it's filled with lip stick stain, brown dirty stain and they use mattress pad to cover over it which is quite old and the bed make me feel that I am lying on a pile of hard spring itself, definitely not advisable for side sleeper. 
And I came across a room where the staff is cleaning up they vacuum the floor but for the bed they just use a simple roller to stick all the hair and dirt that's all how they clean the bed. 
I would say it's definitely not suitable for a clean freak like me, hope that can be improved. 
But it will be suitable for budget couple or friends traveling in pairs and is near Dongdaemum the shopping wonderland! 
Nevertheless it's a cozy hostel with friendly helpful staff. 

Super cute T money in a small little key chain, it's so convenient as I just hook it on my sling bag, and tap it when I need.
My first MCM! Bought a new purse for myself!
Some skin care buy at the first day!
Our first meal in Seoul, one of my favourite local restaurant at Myeongdong.

Some selfie for the start!

Hongdae! My favourite place in Seoul! It's filled with the youth artistic vibe all over! And street frequently glum for Korea drama.

First visited:
Slam dunk x One piece theme restaurant! 

Delicious big portion food! 

Local ice shave cafe!

We visited cat cafe too at Hongdae !

Interesting Nitrogen Ice cream!

Boyfriend try baseball batting session at a small little shop at Hongdae!
Late night supper! We had meat charcoal grill! This shop Loco Quan and is one of Korean Celebrity restaurant owned by "HAHA".

Day 2 (23 Aug 2014)

Finally we shift hotel to Kpop residence 2 at Meyeongdong!! 

It's clean bright and the bed is so much better! Very convinient and easy located in Myeongdong. More importantly it has cable TV! 

However the bathroom is quite tiny and there's a strange stinky smell from the bathroom drain which cause the whole room to stink. The bathroom have to always be close if not the stink from the drain can make you feel like puking, hope that can be improved! 
I guess is probably due to summer / some congestion issue with the drain.
But other than that we still enjoy our stay very much they have helpful staff assisting our enquiry. 

Lamp cafe at Myeongdong 

Lovely country style deco!

Delicious seasonal fruits on my waffle!

At Lotte Young, shopping for my 3CE! Cosmetics!
Boyfriend happy shopping for his Hershel  bag! 
He bought a couple passport cover for us! 
Namsam Cable car! Heading to N Seoul Tower!

Exploring N Seoul Tower! 

Put up our love lock! 

Local western food seems visited before by many Korea Celebrity,. It definitely value for money for a big portion and free flow of soup, it only $12 sgd and below. 

Day 3 (23 Aug 2014)

Begin the day with local food, ox bone porridge!

Exploring Itaewon Antique street!
Every corner is filled with surprises with vintage home deco and art.

Again we need chill drinks and dessert, the weather is just too humid and warm.

Next, We are at Hongdae! Shopping and chill out!
Beautiful building seems to be japanese restaurant at Hongdae!
We had some drinks chilling out at Hongdae! Yong 9 beer. The alcoholic drinks are very affordable! 

Cute chicken coop deco restaurant at myeongdong, we went for late night supper for korea fried chicken with marinated with tasty sweet sauce! 

Super cute and handy tongs to eat chicken wings without getting your fingers and hand dirty! 
How thoughtful!